I've post in another forums on this web and i'been redirected here.
After trying to find the solution searching , nothing solved and i stay
with the problem.

The scenario is:
I have a java application that reads the logged user from Novell
Client when the app starts.

With this info , I apply some security policies to the app, and i
restrict/allow some accesses to the company Database.

The client machines are Windows running this java app with their
Novell clients.
The problem is because,now, we want to run the java in Sled Linux
machines, (with their Novell clients running).

Actually ,i retrieve the user using Novell Beans, (NwSess), but this
method uses native calls to the system via .dll files (NwNative.dll).

How can i do this with my Linux machines?

Any suggestion,example, or help will be wellcome to get the right
direction on my problem.

Thanks in advance.

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