Using the Novell JLDAP together with the DirXML LDAP Java classes

When connected to a 64-bit eDirectory 8.8.5 FTF4 on SLES10 my LDAP
extended operation with this class fails most of the time:

I get this in the LDAP DSTrace:

10:34:37 40D0B940 LDAP: DoExtended on connection 0x6dd41a00
10:34:37 40D0B940 LDAP: DoExtended: Extension Request OID: 2.16.840.1.113719.
10:34:37 40D0B940 LDAP: malloc of 9 bytes failed
10:34:37 40D0B940 LDAP: Unable to alloc data memory in NLDAPSetResponseBer
10:34:37 40D0B940 LDAP: Sending operation result 0:"":"" to connection 0x6dd41a00
What could be the issue?

Server has 16 GB of RAM. eDirectory has cache set to 4 GB.

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