windows server 2000

I am trying to bind active directory using jldap

using the following code

String ldapHost = "";

String loginDN = "cn=Administrator,dc=p8451ora,dc=com";

String password = "Password123";

String searchBase = "Users";

String searchFilter = "";

LDAPConnection lc = new LDAPConnection();

try {
lc.connect( ldapHost, ldapPort );

lc.bind(ldapVersion, loginDN, password.getBytes("UTF8") );



But i got the following error

LDAPException: Invalid Credentials (49) Invalid Credentials
LDAPException: Server Message: 80090308: LdapErr: DSID-0C090334,
comment: AcceptSecurityContext error, data 525, vece

i have a domain called which hold 'Users' container under
this container
there is Administrator user and i am sure from the pssword

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