I am a relative newb with LDAP, basically we have edirectory and I am
trying to authenticate user name and password on request form I have
created in excel.

I have a module I have made and have tested this on an active directory
server and it works, however where I work I have been unable to get it
to work at all.

Basically with the way our network works you have to query the cn to
return the dn and then authenticate against that, I think because there
are alot of sites everyones Dn has differeny ou and o against them.

Currently I can return the dn by searching the cn, but when I try to
authenticate with the password I get the follow in my immediate window

**** ERROR: -2147023570
(LDAP_INVALID_CREDENTIALS) ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE - The supplied credential is invalid.

Top to bottom, this is: count matches to cn, Adspath, Dn, error number,
error description

So it tells me the user name and password are wrong, when they are not.
I know very little about ldap so can anyone tell me where I am going
wrong, are there some server setting that I am missing or does my code
reference functions that aren't available on edirectory?

Here is my spreadsheet with a sample module, you can enter your server,
username and password and choose how you want to bind dn or user name.

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Hope you can help


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