I am trying to compile the sample LDAP code from Novell's C LDAP SDK
using Visual Studio Express. I have installed the SDK and created a
project with one of the sample source code files. When I compile the
code, initially I got errors for all the external symbols during compile
time. Adding the directory where the appropriate .h files were under
the properties of the project for C/C++ -> General -> Additional Include
directories resolved the compile issue. Now I get errors during linking
for all the same symbols. I can't seem to find the right place where to
include the reference to the .dll and/or .lib files that provide the
needed symbols. I added the .lib files (full path) to the 'Additional
Dependencies' field as that seemed the right place. But I still get the

1>monitorevents.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol

or similar for every symbol in the library. I don't understand why the
link error shows the symbol with a leading '_', when it doesn't have
that in the sample code, or looking at the library with dumpbin, either.
Any ideas on how to make the code link (or compile) correctly?


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