I am building a utility program in C# in an effort to save myself from
UImport (was great a few years ago but won't even run on my computer

So I have pretty much got the darn thing written and I pulled off all
the attributes for our schema from iManager. But when I run the LDAP
function InvokeSet with UniqueID as the attribute it gives me an error.

Now the reason I want to do this is I have to configure 1800 accounts
to work with apple ( I have that all worked out and can do it one at a
time but want to do it en-masse) and one of the Steps is to set each
account as a PosixAccount. the Unique ID is a requirement? If I query my
own account using Unique ID it just comes back empty?

Is there another LDAP code for it?

I tried uid and uidNumber but both (along with the other attributes)
always return requirements not met when I try to commit the changes.

UniqueID ???

Any Help would be great,


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