Dear all,

after have read some articles regarding NMAS methods, I have some
questions about NMAS. What I want to achieve is a double check on the
NDS password making use of sasLoginSequence.

Normally, I'm using an eDirectory with NDSD_TRY_NMASLOGIN_FIRST set to
authenticate the users, without specifiying any sasDefaultLoginSequence.
I was wondering if it is possible to set eDirectory to check first the
NDS password as usual, and in a second time the SHA1/MD5 hash of the
password written by a user during a login against the same attribute,
NDS Password.

It should be possible to develop a new NMAS method and add it as
SAS:NMAS Login Method object which does the hash and verifies it. I'm
not interested on using it from a Novell Client, so I have only to
define a LMO object and install it.

The only doubts I have are:

Is it possible to make use of two login method, as eDirectory does for
NDS + Simple Password if instructed?
Are there enough pulic informations to develop a custom NMAS method?
(I've found only this resource 'Cool Solutions: Developing an NMAS
Method' (

If there is a better forum where I can ask for this stuff, please
advise me

Thank you

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