Hi all!

I am using the mono based novell directoryservices library in C# and
have a big issue. Whenever i send in swedish characters (the infamous
for example ;9 into a search, it treats them as a * creating results
that are going wild (pun intended .

This only affects searches for some reason, because when creating or
modifying a directory entry it handles the swedish characters without
any issues.

To show some code:

LdapConnection ldapConn = LDAP.GetLDAPConnection(userDN, userPasswd);

LdapSearchConstraints ldc = ldapConn.SearchConstraints;

ldc.MaxResults = 0;

LdapSearchQueue lsc = ldapConn.Search("o=hb",
"(&(sn=*" + cn + "*)(objectClass=user))",
false, null, ldc);

LdapMessage message;
while ((message = lsc.getResponse()) != null)
if (message is LdapSearchResult)
LdapEntry entry =


The LDAP.GetLDAPConnection is a custom function we wrote to handle any
off-line ldap servers (it does a round robin between our servers until
it establishes a connection and then returns it).

Am i missing some vital setting here or is it a bug? If i do that
search for example with Mnsson, it treats it as M*nsson which will
return quite a few results.

And i have tried this with Microsoft's System.directoryservices against
the same server and it works perfectly, but i'd rather not have to use
that library for searches and then the mono for everything else. It will
be quite an ammount of code to rewrite for us.

So, any ideas?

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