On 02/08/2012 20:56, prashantaphale wrote:

> Hi there, I am trying Novell LDAP API to connect to Active directory. I
> was able connect to AD over SSL and run Search to find users.I was also
> able modify some attributes like DisplayName and Description etc. I am
> trying to reset the password using attribute "unicodePwd" and getting
> error -LDAPException: Unwilling To Perform (53) Unwilling To Perform
> when used LDAPModification.REPLACE method. It looks like Active
> Directory generates this error due to some restrictions . Is there any
> thing I can change in code or active directory side ?

Firstly you're asking for help using a Novell API to talk to Microsoft
Active Directory which whilst it may work I believe it is unsupported -
the API is provided to talk to Novell eDirectory.

That being said I think I've spotted a typo below ...

> Below is the code.


> String currentQuotedPassword = '"' + currentpassword +
> '"';
> byte[] currentnicodePassword =
> currentQuotedPassword.getBytes("UTF8");

Shouldn't currentnicodePassword be currentUnicodePassword?

Not sure if that will make a difference.

Otherwise searching for '"active directory" ldap unicodepwd' seems to
find quite a few hits.

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