In September 2013 I started a thread "SSL/TLS version in pre-built C api's" asking about the TLS support. I just want to share
the info as a follow-up.

The first approach was to change the current code for the Novell libraries but since the openSSL implementation was more of a
"copy/paste" solution and the fact that the current source code available didn't match the binaries available I changed to
openLDAP instead.

Today we have built openLDAP libraries and openSSL libraries for Win32 and Win64 and changed the application code to use
openLDAP instead of Novell's API's. Apart from the initialization and binding that switch was quite straight forward.

The application now binds to LDAP directories requiring TLS and specific key exchange algorithms and cipher suites without any

I hope that Novell will update the openSSL part in their own libraries (and add features to eDirectory that let us set the
SSL/TLS requirements).

Best regards,