We wan't to use ldapmodify to correct some entries in the database.

First I use

ldapsearch -LLL -x 'cn=username'

to see what entries are in the database. But I seams this command don't
show all entries. (I see much more informations with the imanager.)

How can I get/set all this Informations with a commandline tool?

We want to create users without using massuser, because this is a
windows tool, and all other things can be done with linuxscipts
(nambulkadd, set rigths, create homedirs for Windows and Linux, set

There are only some things missing. Most important the "home Directory"
(volume/path)) Information for windows, (if possible, set owner for the
But there are also some other entries like Name, fullname, department...
they are not shown with ldapsearch.

System: SLES10 SP4 x86_64, OES2 SP3 x86_64 (ZCM11)

btw: Is there a good documentation somewhere I found only Novell
developer kit "ldap tool" from feb. 2007

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