I am running eDirectory with both a Vault and an Auth tree. The Auth
tree has a loopback driver for creating hash values for email addresses
in the system, which another system uses to send new student information
for students to validate against. That part was just recently
implemented, and is working great for all currently created users.

I would like to know the easiest/best way to force all of the older
accounts that are existing in the Vault prior to this new driver, to
create the new hash from the loopback connected to the Auth tree. That
hash may be required for students who have registered at some point, but
never claimed their university email accounts. When they come back
another time, the system already has their accounts, and we have no way
to force verification again.

I can add a flag that pushes that driver each time a student account is
updated in any way, but I don't want to create something that will
create unnecessary cycles every time anyone is updated. I would rather
just find a way to perform a once and done for existing accounts, and
then allow the currently working driver to do its job with all new

The previous person in my position messed around with a couple of
options, but was unsuccessful. Being fairly new to this system, I
thought it would be better to ask and see if anyone has implemented a
similar option. Any valid ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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