I have an IDM environment setup and I configured the Audit PA to send
events to the Sentinel IDM Collector. Sentinel is setup with the IDM
collector via audit to receive the messages. The setup works fine for
all built-in events.

What I am now trying to do is get custom events created with the
Generate-event token in IDM in Sentinel. They show up as an undefined
event and reference the LSC file. I have located the LSC files, but am
not able to modify those files directly. I have tried modifying them in
the cache, in the zip file after importing, and in the zip file before
posting. I tried modifying them in the zip file, then updating the xml
file with the hash values, but still am not having any luck with this.

The next thing I stumbled upon was the 'Custom Execution Mode'. I have
added the custom.js file and a LSC file which is referenced, but am not
sure of exactly what to add in the custom.js file to make the events get
properly recognized by Sentinel. Currently, my custom.js file has the
following for the customInit section:

Collector.prototype.customInit = function() {
// load additional maps, parameters, etc
var file = new File(instance.CONFIG.collDir + "dirxml_GCA.lsc");
this.MAPS.LSCMap.extend(this.CONFIG.collDir + "dirxml_GCA.lsc",
return true;

I have uploaded the file dirxml_GCA.lsc and verified that it exists in
the plugins_repository for the aux_Identity-Manager... zip file.

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