Good morning everybody, I have installed and configured the McAfee
Vulnerability Manager 6.8 for checking when a scan of any IP find
In the Sentinel Control Center I cannot view any of the events
generated except some summary fields indicating how many vulnerabilities
found, but in the raw data is all the information I need. In the VULN
tables of the ESEC database the information is stored successfully.
I do not have advisor and can not buy it.
My problem is that I need to do some correlations but if the
information is not in Sentinel I cannot do that. I have been thinking in
this possible solutions:

1) Modify the Collector Javascript for parsing the fields one by one
because the raw data has the information needed. This is a lot of work.
2) Create new mappings based on one .csv file that updates
automatically (as would it be with Advisor), but the problem is that I
do not know how to do that if it is possible, I know how to create a
file but in debug mode.
3) Link the VULN* tables so I might use the information there for doing
correlations (I don't know if it is possible, because the information
stored in VULN* does not appear anywhere in Sentinel, only in the raw

Please help indicating me what is the best choice and how to find
information about that. Thank you in advance.

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