New to developing Crystal Reports, and iReport for that matter, but;
how soon till 7?
We need development of reports for SIEM, but kinda waiting until 7 so
all dev is with iReport (hopefully)?
Have been getting started with SDK and SLM setup, brings to mind the
question, could iReport connect to SIEM SQL some how right now?
Seems like needed are the iReport data connection definition Query
Executer similar to -
(com.novell.reports.jasper.data.event.LuceneEventQ ueryExecutorFactory)
Along with what files to copy from the SIEM or SLM server like:
activemqclientkeystore.jks, etc...
My guess the upgrade to 7 will upgrade SQL tables and views anyway so
any advanced development (if even possible) would be trashed.

So, any insight into whats next? Thanks.

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