I was reading some of the XDASV2 documentation tied to eDir 88. Per the
docs, the JSON format is open and you can add any additional fields
needed. Is the JSON schema the one used in custom collectors? If we
added some custom fields, would that be easy to query by in log manager,
or do we need to stick with the predefined fields? With a traditional
RDBMS I'd imagine each field is stored in columns in tables, so ad hoc
field creation doesn't seem like it would be easy or efficient to store
or search by(unless you did an attribute->value lookup table that could
accept arbitrary pairs.)

We're using Log Manager, not a full blown install.
I'm guessing the answer is probably no(custom fields wouldn't be easily
searchable, or even stored), I'm just looking for a solution that fits
better with their reporting needs and the nested query limitations of


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