Hello! I have been trying to make a collector work to pick up events
from MySQL tables and when I run it on SIEM-Sentinel (classic Sentinel
6.1 on SQL Server and Sentinel-RD ), it works fine. However, I tried
using the same collector on Sentinel Log Manager 1.2, and it does not
pick up the events!

After some debugging, I found the culprit lines of code. I do a lot of
casting to make sure the variables are treated as integers or strings
(mostly when I need to manipulate it as a number, since String is the
default data type, I think) so I have lines that look like this in the
pre-parsing stage of the collector:

this.anInteger = Number ( this.RXmap.col_anInteger);
this.aString = String (this.RXmap.col_aString);

But when debugging, while in SIEM-Sentinel it populates the variable as
expected, in SLM I get "NaN" as the output value. I can see the values I
want to get in RXBufferString, but problem occurs when I cast them.
Maybe this isn't the "Sentinel" way of doing it? While I can do without
casting "String", how can I cast the value as an integer?

Any help is appreciated. Cheers!

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