Are there any plans to change the license for custom collectors
generated with the SDK to allow for public sharing?

Looking at other tools such a Splunk they have a very open user
community, but this line in the license really does not look like Novell
is interested in Sentinel getting much community involvment. I guess
that is good for professional services and partners with a special
license, but not so great for smaller users who might be more interested
in helping each other by sharing collectors.

"License to Create Permitted Derivative Works. Solely as provided in the documentation, Novell hereby grants You a nonexclusive and nontransferable license to use the Novell Collector Builder to create custom Collectors for Your internal use (Permitted Derivative Works). The Permitted Derivative Works may be used solely in conjunction with the Software and for no other purpose."

Does NetIQ have any plans to change this, or is there a new EULA
someplace that changes this?

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