Hi Guys,

I am fairly new to the development side of the collectors for Sentinel,
and have what may be a total beginners question but I've tried the docs
and feel I am getting no where with an answer so hopefully you can help

So I am constructing an event from within the collector, I have read
that its best practice to try to use maps where possible so I am trying
to do this. If I hard code for example e.TargetUserID = <the parsed
string that I have>, then that works, but I want to try to make use of
the Rec2Evt.map as most of the data that I am populating at this point
is listed in here.

What I have done is to add into the the following:


Collector.prototype.initialize = function() {
this.MAPS.Rec2Evt = new DataMap(this.CONFIG.collDir + "/Rec2Evt.map");



Then within parse have the following:


rec.testIP = "";
rec.convert(this, instance.MAPS.Rec2Evt);
instance.SEND_EVENT = true;
return true;


Within the Rec2Evt.map file it has the default list of Sentinel Event
Fields and I have appended a record for TargetIP: TargetIP,testIP

Have I missed any obvious steps out? What I was expecting to happen was
when the event is recieved and parsed in Sentinel the TargetIP field
should have the value, when I look in either the ESM or the
Sentinel 7 webUI I dont see this field getting set, other fields which I
manually set are being set correctly.

This is the first time that I have tried to use the data maps so I
assume I am doing something wrong and any pointers you guys have would
be great,


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