I have another question which hopefully you guys can answer. So I have
some events coming into my custom collector which have the date of the
event embedded in the message from the event source and I want to set an
appropriate field on the Sentinel Event to the date stored in the
message. I have tried a couple of approaches to setting this and it
seems no matter which way I do this the values I set never seem to make
it through to the event and on some occasions the event never seems to
appear either in the active views or in the sentinel event searches on
the web ui, however really looking for a pointer on where I might be
going wrong and where you guys recommend embedding this information.
Might be worth mentioning that I have also tried trusting the event
source time in ESM.

The ways in which I have tried to set this time information have been
the following:


var dateString = <date from message>;
e.ObserverEventTime = dateString;


I also tried setting the ObserverEventTimeString as I had read
somewhere that this is processed and in turn sets the

After reading 'Handling Dates and Times in Collectors'
(http://www.novell.com/developer/collector_dates.html) I created a
javascript date object from the date string in the raw event and passed
this to setDeviceEventTime() but still no luck in setting anything in
the event.


e.setDeviceEventTime(new date(dateString));


I guess what I am looking to find out is where do you recommend setting
the event date in this sort of situation? Do you have any code examples
of this working as I am confused as to why the event sometimes doesn't
appear in Sentinel yet the collector doesn't send an error etc.

Look forward to your replies and advice,


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