Hi all,

I am new to iReport and creating custom reports with this Sentinel SDK,
took me a while to get it working, but since I have I really like the
way it has been done.

I need some help getting started with a report I need to create, we call
it an "Audit Report", but really, it is just information regarding what
workflows have been kicked off and who has actioned the workflow and the
outcome of the workflow. It will need to be more detailed eventually,
but I just need help getting started.

I am looking at the SLMEventQueries documentation I found:
This talks about using the "Log Manager Event report template", but I
cannot find that in the SDK... Is it somewhere else?

Thanks in advance for any assistance! Also, if there are any other
tutorials to help me better understand creating custom reports, I would
really appreciate a link.

Craig Cikara

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