Okay... Now I understand that to get the reports I want I need to
customise the IDM collector and not the report itself...

Following the guide: http://tinyurl.com/cgvtaab

I just need some help with what I now need to do...

I need to be able to generate a report detailing all workflow requests
as well as who approved / denied the workflow.
My plan is (please correct me if you have a better idea):
Add a Log activity at the end of all my workflows and name it
"workflow_log", this final log message will contain all the info I need
for the report, like who made the request and who the approver was as
well as the comments entered etc.

I want to take the MESSAGE from the event and then split it up and
populate the CustomerVar fields.

As I will only be doing this on some workflows, can I name all final
logging activities the same and then in the custom.js look for the
activity named "workflow_log" and then parse the message field of the
event? Then apply the message parsing logic?

It seems like I will also need to edit the Rec2Evt.map file to add
CustomVar fields?
Or would it be better to create a new map like:
(code from link above)
this.MAPS.Rec2Evt.extend(this.CONFIG.collDir + "/customR2E.map");
That is what this does right?

But then I want to parse the message of the event and set CustomerVal21
, would it be something like:
this.cv21 = rec.message.substr(1,10); (for example)

Thanks in advance for any assistance / guidance.

Craig Cikara

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