Dear All,

I have a event needed to parse it, but I don`t know how to parse
date and time, please help me, thanks!

raw event is following:

Jul 12 11:31:53 dhcpd MOD=DHCP MSG=user: group: MAC:c0:14:3d:db:73:d9
hostname: allocate-IP:

I have write parsing method in release.js as following:

Record.prototype.parse = function(e){
// parsing logic goes here
allocate\-IP\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+)/.test(this.s_RXBufferString)) { // set
SEND_EVENT to true if your parsing logic worked correctly
this.cv51 = RegExp.$1;
this.sip = RegExp.$4;
this.dmac = RegExp.$2;
this.dhn = RegExp.$3;
return true;
return true;

cv51 is string field, but sentinel has not parse it successfully, if I
want to use datetime field to parse it , how to do it? thank you very

steve zeng

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