I need to generate multiple events from a single record being parsed
in a collector. I receive a record from an audit table that tells me the
old and the new values for a table row, the request is to have an event
created for every column that changed.


username,rowid,old value1|old value2|old value3,new value1|new
value2|old value3

The collector should generate two events:

1 -> old value1 is now new value1
2 -> old value2 is now new value2

I tried by changing the information in the record - setting the target
attribute and the old and new values, and calling "e.send()", returning
then a "false" from the Record.parse, so that I don't get a new event.

This approach is not working.

What is the proper way to generate multiple events out of a single
parsed record?


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