Recently asked by Leo in another forum:

"Do we have the file connector which supported XML?"

My response:

The existing File Connector supports XML.

Read through the documentation for the File Connector and look up how to
customize the record ending characters. Normally the record-end string
is something like '\r\n' (a normal Unix/Windows line ending), but you
can set it to something like '</Event>' if you like, and the Connector
will happily slurp up an entire XML block up to the terminal </Event>

The caveat here is that the Connector also *consumes* the line-ending
char, so you have to restore it if you need it for proper XML
interpretation. So for example given the input:

<Initiator name="joe" ip="" />
<Target name="fred" ip="" />
<Action time="2014-12-02T12:02:02" />

and using '</Event>' as your 'record end' string, what you'll get in
s_RXBufferString is:

<Event>\n <Initiator name="joe" ip="" />\n <Target name="fred"
ip="" />\n <Action time="2014-12-02T12:02:02" />\n

If you want to use E4X to interpret this (using something like var1=new
XML(s_RXBufferString) it will fail due to the invalid XML, but you can
always do:

this.XMLDoc=new XML(this.s_RXBufferString + "</Event>");

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