Just installed Sentinel 7.3 at a customer a week ago and we are not
getting any logs execept internal logs and syslogs from


We have tried both syslog/xdasauditds and platformAgent/auditds for
eDirectory, IDM and LDAP for the eDirectory servers.
We have enabled audit for Access Manager.
On a NETICS-box syslog has been configured to send logs to Sentinel.

When we used syslog/xdas on the eDirectory-servers it looks like we were
getting some events, but the audited servers used all

of their memory and CPU and we were forced to unload xdasauditds.

We are using defaulf ports.
We are pretty sure it is not due to network: we can ssh in both
directions, telnet from audited servers to Sentinel is working

(and it creates events in Sentinel), netstat on Sentinel shows that the
ports are open.

IDM 4.0.1
AM 4.0
Sentinel 7.3
SLES 11sp1 64-bit

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