Hi! There is a PRD that allows approvals to change role's childs. It can
be about 15 tasks listed simultaneously in the "Task Notifications" tab.
Customers complain that it's hard to choose an appropriate approval task
when users call approvers and ask to approve their task ASAP. It's hard
because they should expand each task and see details in order to get the
exact task. So customers want to see which exactly role is being changed
in the "Task Notifications" tab without any clicking or hovering.

In order to accomplish the request I need to put nrfLocalizedNames of a
role in the any of task columns. In which columns can I write the

* It can be put in the Comment column, but in this case approvals will
have to hover over the Comment icon of each task in the list. Bad way.
* Also I can devide the WF to two WFs. First will start a new WF with
the recipient which is set to nrfRole (the role being changed in the
WF). This way looks good. The real recipient is a role and not a user.
But there is an issue here. In the tasks list in the "recipient" columnt
it doesn't dislplay nrfLocalizedNames or nrfLocalizedDescrs of role, it
displays CN!

1) Is it possible that recipient displays
nrfLocalizedNames/nrfLocalizedDescrs of a nrfRole recipient and not a
2) Maybe there are other ways to display
nrfLocalizedNames/nrfLocalizedDescrs in the task row. If the answer is
yes, please let me know.
Thank you!

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