We have an eDir tree with OES11 SP1 (eDir 8.8 SP6 /SLES11 SP1) nodes.
We recently installed a few new nodes using OES11 SP2 (eDir 8.8 SP8 /
SLES11 SP3). Performance on those new nodes was poor. Because of this
I attempted to install a new node using OES11 SP1, but ran into many

Is it possible (and supported) to install eDir 8.8 SP6 into a tree that
has 8.8 SP8 nodes installed too? It seems like the installation of 8.8
SP8 upgraded the tree so that I can't install the older eDir versions

Here are the errors I saw.

Tree names do not match
At the address specified the "" tree responded.
The name of the tree that you requested to join is: MY_TREE

I got this error when referencing an 8.8 SP6 node and an 8.8 SP8 node.

Joining a tree with old versions of eDirectory
You should prepare your tree for Open Enterprise Server by
applying the latest eDirectory patches before proceeding.
Once complete click continue or cancel to skip the configuration of
and perform configuration later.

I figured this was just a warning or information, not an error.

Error while copying the NICI foundation key file.

This is where the install aborted. I think this may be because the new
MY_TREE_CA is from a newer version of eDir. At one point when
installing OES11 SP2 I recreated the security certificate when 8.8 SP8
was already in the tree.

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