We have a tree with OES11SP1/SLES11SP1 nodes. We recently added nodes
with OES11SP2/SLES11SP3 nodes. The performance on these nodes was
noticeably poorer. The only changes we made to both types of nodes was
increasing the cache from the default of 2GB to 8GB. We see a 99% cache
hit ratio on both. These are also virtual servers. The older ones that
perform well are running OES11SP1 and have 10GB of RAM and 4 CPUs
running on Windows 2008R2. The newer ones that perform poorly are
running OES11SP2 and have 16GB of RAM and 8 CPUs running on Windows
2012R2. I know that there is a alot of tuning that can be done to eDir,
but we never did that on SP1. The best way to get the load needed to
test and see the poor performance is to the the servers into production
which is not always an option.

Is there some major change to OES11SP2/SLES11SP3 that would cause this
performance change? Something common that I should change?

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