Not sure if anyone here can help me with my problem, and please forgive my ignorance. I was just handed our companies Novell/DataEase system do to our old IT person being terminated and I am extremely unfamiliar with these systems. Here is the problem I am having, I'm connecting to our Novell NetWare server using NetWare client 4.83 SP2. I can map a network printer that is connected to my XP machine locally and I can successfully print a test page through the Windows Printer Properties box. When I try to print from DataEase, I get a Printer Not Ready error. If I connect to a printer on any of the other machines in our office, I can print to those printers no problem. Anyone have any thoughts as to why my own printer might be a problem?

I was asked to provide further information on the above, but I'm not sure what else to provide. I'm using a dos based program that can print to any number of printers on our local network (all Epson LQ-570+ printers) except my own printer. Since our software communicates with our local database over our Novell network, and novell handles all of the printing, I'm thinking this is a Novell issue. But I could be wrong.