I have just come across an odd situation that I can't resolve.
(We are running NSD 7.0.3 appliance.)

A user has submitted a helpdesk ticket, it appears normal, like any other job. We are able to view the details, but when we try and edit the ticket, the browser page goes to a completely white/blank page. There is no html/source to the page. If we try to go back, same blank page. Even if I open the ticket in a new tab, and click edit, it kills the session in the original browser window. The only way to use the Service Desk again is to enter the initial login page address and re-login.

When I use IE11 debugger, I see an error "Failed to open http://<servicedesk>/LiveTime/WebObjects/LiveTime.woa/wo/"

I'd be happy to just somehow remove this particular job, but I cant see a way to achieve this, and I'm not a PostGres guru.

Any ideas, suggestions?