I am trying to configure a new instance of SSPR on Red Hat Enterprise
Linux server with Apache Tomcat 7. The application starts up and is
accessible but as I go through the configuration screens I run into an
odd problem that I cannot resolve.

When I reach the step for "Response Storage Preference" I select my
choice (LDAP) and click the Next button. It doesn't go any where. The
screen flashes but then stays on that page. If I try to select another
option it does the same thing. If I try to click the Previous button it
does the same thing. The application gets "stuck" at this point and
will not move. If I let the session timeout I can start over but it
always stops at this screen no matter what my selection is. I have
noticed that if I click the Next button repeatedly that on occasion an
error will quickly flash on the screen in a black box before going away.
I have been able to capture the error which reads "error reaching
server. RequestError: Unable to load
ConfigGuide?processAction=updateForm&amp;pwmFormID =<some long ID value>
status: 0"

Any ideas on what is going on there? I have uninstalled/reinstalled
SSPR and Tomcat to no avail. I have restarted tomcat several times with
no changes in behavior. When I put in the eDirectory server information
earlier in the setup it all succeeded fine.

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