Hello everyone,

In a customer's setup, we're having a rough time at defining the
recipient's parameter in a Forgotten Password Verification template, so
when requested, it sends the notification to an email address that is
specified in a custom attribute. While there's no issue when we use the
standard "mail" attribute as a macro parameter; @User:Email@ (or even
@LDAP:mail), we can't find the way to put different attributes in such
macros (eg: @LDAP:alternativeMail@) to work.

Things checked:
* Mails are correctly sent (and received) when we switch values with the
alternative mail attribute and the standard Internet Email Address
attribute. (while @User:Email)
* Added the attribute's corresponding auxiliary class in SSPR's LDAP
* Tried parameter calls such as @auxClass:alternativeMail@ with no
* It's a fixed requirement, and unfortunately we can't just use the
standard mail attribute for this purpose.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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