I didn't post this in the iManager forum because it seems to be more of
an eDirectory issue.
I was troubleshooting a server's LUM issues (since resolved) when I
discovered that when I go to the novlxtier group object (or any of them
in any of the server containers where they reside), and I click on the
Linux Profile Tab, I get an error:

The object name entered could not be found in the context specified.

That error doesn't even make sense to me in the context of looking at a
tab. It works okay for the user objects novlxregd, novlxsrvd,
and wwwrun.
It fails in the novlxtier and www groups, particularly the General and
Linux Services sub-tabs.. it works okay for Enable Group Members

LUM seems to be working though, but this isn't right. Any ideas? The KB
wasn't much use here.


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