For some time now we've been talking publicly about our plans to create a collaborative community portal for accessing and sharing Custom Query reports. Well, today we launched the site. Entitled “File Query Cookbook,” the new site lets Novell File Reporter users view and copy the SQL commands needed to create specific Custom Query reports. Once copied, you can paste them into either of Novell File Reporter’s two query editors, modify them to your liking, and then generate the reports.

File Query Cookbook even includes graphics that show you how the report will look when generated using the Report Designer.

In addition to SQL commands, File Query Cookbook also includes sample Custom Query report layouts that you can import into the Report Designer. Just like the pasted SQL commands, you can modify the report layout design to your liking.

The present content on the site is still a little sparse, but it’s a good starting point. We will be working on adding more content this week, and we expect Novell File Reporter customers like you to soon be submitting their own Custom Query reports that they have written.

You can access the File Query Cookbook directly through the soon-to-be released Novell File Reporter 2.6 Report Designer interface, or at