There are 2 NetWare 5.1 servers as single units in our network; each with own NDS, own tree. This was o.k. and is good to us. Old W95, W98, XP machines can log onto both servers as they like, IPX is provided beside IP. My office machine, XP, does use now IP to both servers, which was not so all the time.

Then, a laptop with W7 Pro came in, I set it up an installed last client. But do only see server #2. For an error, I was on, server #1 only uses IPX, so I did not waste time in it since I was in hurry.
Well, today a 2nd W7 laptop was put on my desk, a Home version. Had to remove an unsuccessful client installation. Did it, installed last client, and again only server #2 was available.

That alerted me. Some views by RemoteConsole left me helpless since I did not see ad hoc any essential differences in network settings. IPX and IP only… Just as all works fine to 9x and XP.

Is there something strange in that new client? Or is there a not so obvious setting to server's network which »cloaks« IP?

Markus Erich