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Thread: State in Aegis Operations Console

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    State in Aegis Operations Console

    Is there any way to add more "States" to the operations console ? I see
    completed and Error I was wondering if I could do something like
    "Completed with Errors" I did not know if it was possible.

    Thanks in Advance !!!

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    Re: State in Aegis Operations Console


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    Re: State in Aegis Operations Console

    I realize this is an old post, but wanted to offer an answer for others that may run across it with the same question.

    The Work Item State Codes are not user configurable. They are used to show the current state of a work item's workflow. Aegis saves the state of all work items so that in the case of an interruption in service (such as a power outage), it will start back up in its previous state with all existing work items.

    In the latest version of Aegis, here is a list of possible states and their corresponding ID:

    1 Running
    2 Suspended
    4 Completed
    8 Terminated
    16 Terminating
    32 Error
    64 Suspending
    128 Resuming

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