I am trying to install Monthly Update 1 for ZCM 11.2.4, in the hope that it
will fix a serious run of failures that suddenly started with our 11.2.4
workstation agent upgrades.

I made a mistake and deployed to a second primary server before the replication
was complete. The net effect was that the update actually did install to this
server, but then it failed on rebuilding the content repo. The server is
reporting as having Monthly Update 1, but the content repo issue makes me very
concerned about leaving it that way. And until I have the primary servers
updated, I presumably can't (or shouldn't) do the satellite servers.

So now I'm stuck with one primary solidly on MU1, and the other primary showing
MU1 but with the content repo error. If I try to re-deploy to the 2nd server,
it just stays in Pending forever, "Update Assigned", where no refresh or reboot

I'm wondering how to get past this. I had two thoughts & don't know if either
is viable:

- is there a way to force the 2nd server to rebuild its content repo?

- Should I remove MU1 from the list of available updates and then try somehow
to re-import it to the first primary, re-deploy it to the first primary, then
wait for replication as I should have, then re-deploy to the 2nd primary and go
to the satellites from there?

Any better option when I'm stuck in "pending"? Makes me very nervous to have
some with MU1 and some not.


-- DE