ZENworks 11.3.2 Windows 2008 R2 SP1

Last night we upgraded from ZENworks 11 SP3 to 11.3.2

Applying Imaging Driver Update Feburary 2015 zenworks11.3.2_FRU1_Feb15.zip results in error message 'Applying wrong imaging driver update'

ZUpdate.sig on primary server where running the update says ZEN_CLIENT_VERSION 112403 - timestamps on certain folders in the tftp directory and in the share\preboot\update folder though indicate that updates did take place at the time of the upgrade.

Also a seconday server shows ZEN_CLIENT_VERSION 113200.

'Assuming' that only the ZUpdate.sig file didn't update on the primary server - would it be safe to manually update the ZEN_CLIENT_VERSION and then run the imaging update?