because it happens now and then that a user accidentally moves a "top"-folder, I am searching a way to prevent this.

A typical folder tree would be:


I want to prevent movements of Project-Folders, these are the root folders of the department (like F:\Project-Folder).

At the moment, rights (RWCEMF) are set to the Department-Folder and they are inherited down to Sub-Folders. Sub-Folders shall be deleteable.

Now, if I break inheritance for Erasing on the Department-Folder I would have to set Trustees on... Project-Folder? No, I would gain nothing.
Instead, I would have to set Trustees on every Sub-Folder in every Project-Folder. These are a lot of folders and a very dynamic number... I would have to create a cronjob script for that.

So, isn't there a better way to protect Project-Folders?