ZCM 11.3.1

As I am certain most of you are aware, setting the firewall on the designated ZCM imaging server is quite the hassle.

I know everything works on my network because as soon as I disable the SLES firewall; SuSefirewall2 stop

...everything works as planned.

Here is my command to allow all the ports referenced in the documentation (i.e. for satellite servers doing imaging)

yast firewall services add tcpport=67:69,80,443,997,998,13331,7628,8005,8009,4011 udpport=67:69,80,443,997,998,13331,7628,8005,8009,4011 zone=EXT
All I did was double up the TCP and UDP ports.

I noticed on a cool solutions article for Windows imaging server that they used the firewall and opened it up for the zmgprebootpolicy.exe process...is there a method to do this on linux?

It would seem that opening up 13331 works to allow for the communication to happen by the PXE client talking with the imagine server, but the documentation mentions that this will not work because it opens up random ports....if I could have the range it opens the ports on, that could allow me to create an entry, or if there was a method of allowing the binary/process to open up whatever it wants (i.e. as Windows does) I could solve my issue.

Is there a RPC protocol I could open maybe?

Thanks for any input