I have a Messenger 2.2.2 server running on SLES 11 SP3, about 300 users using it. It's a VMware virtual machine, it's got the latest OS patches. I just want to upgrade the version from 2.2.2 to 3.0 on the existing server. I see the Update section in the documentation for Messenger 3.0, it says to see the Agent Install area of the regular documentation area. When I look at the Linux installation instructions, it says to run the installer, ./install.sh, then configure the system after the rpms have installed.

Then the first item that comes up in configuration asks the following:

1) Create a new system
2) Install a new server to an existing system
3) Extend schema only

Which do I choose here to do an in place upgrade of my existing system? Am I missing some more detailed upgrade instructions somewhere?

Or do I just run the ./install.sh and don't run the configuration after?