Hi All,

Using keyshield from a long time ago (version 5.4 Build 2014-09-30 16:46:30).
I was using it with previous version of Vibe and Filr (by installing the java servlet).
Now Keyshield is included in Vibe 4.0 and Filr 1.2.
With Filr, everything is fine. With Vibe 4.0, it doesn't work.
Keyshield configuration parameters are the same in both products and are accepted as Valid by the administration page in both products also.
But, even with a keyshield client in green state, it works fine with Filr but it doesn't work with Vibe 4.0.
I try to find tracks in the logs but i've got nothing (logs, catalina.out, etc ...).

Did somebody test keyshield ? Is there a special way to try to debug it ?

Many thanks in advance