We run ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2.4. (The vast majority of clients are still on 11.2.2; we're not pushing to upgrade them all yet, since we plan to deploy 11.3 within the next two months.)

We're trying to use ZENworks Asset Management's Software Usage tracking feature to determine which of the many non-license-tracked and not-explicitly-managed programs we support are not actually used much or at all, and which we can therefore stop supporting and deploying.

In pursuit of that goal, we have created a few different Custom Reports in the Software Usage area. However, we are having difficulty understanding the results of these reports; the numbers don't always seem to make much sense.

I suspect that the problem is that we don't understand what some of the columns we've requested in our custom reports actually mean - the logic which goes into determining the value which is reported. I have not been able to find any documentation which describes the fields which you can search by / request as output in Software Usage reports; the Asset Management documentation for custom reports describes in step-by-step detail the (reasonably obvious and intuitive) process for creating or editing a custom report, but does not appear to say one word about the actual criteria which go into making the report do what it does.

Does such documentation exist? If so, where? If not, could it be provided?

Specifically, I would like to better understand the following columns:

* Hours Used (Local) (Summary)
I speculate that this is the number of hours during which (at least one EXE which is listed as being part of) the program has been seen to be running, with every computer counted separately, and with "running" determined by "would be visible in Task Manager with "Show processes from all users" enabled". However, this would appear to mean that we've had - for example - Adobe Fireworks CS5 running for a total of 1 minute 12 seconds, spread across three different days; that does not seem plausible.

* Hours Active (Local) (Summary)
I speculate that this is the number of hours during which the program window has been "in focus", i.e., been the active application. However, we are seeing significant numbers for this column for at least one program which we run (in theory) entirely in the background, never opening a window or displaying anything to the user; in that case, I do not know what would count as "active", and this throws the entire idea of the "focus" explanation into doubt.

* Installs Used (Local)
I speculate that this is the number of distinct installations of the program which have been run at all. That is, if the program is installed to one location on one computer, and to two distinct parallel locations on a second computer, and has been run from all three of these locations at one time or another, this would count as three "Installs Used". Is this correct?

* Number of Local Users
I speculate that this is the number of distinct user accounts which have run the program at all. However, I am not clear on whether a single (domain) account running the program on two different computers would be counted once, or twice. Some of the numbers which I am seeing seem as if they could support the former, and some the latter.

* Usage Days (Summary)
I speculate that this is the number of distinct days on which the program has been run at least once. However, I am seeing some weird numbers here; there is one entry (for the JDK) which has 10 in this column, but 0 in all of the above-mentioned columns. I do not see how that can be possible, unless either something has gone wrong, or my speculations are incorrect.