I'm trying to install the beta under VMWare workstation hosted on Windows 7. From skimming the docs I appreciate this does not appear to be a supported platform but figured it was worth a try. Doing a new install, the installation of SUSE 11 SP3 was successful apart from a couple a couple of YAST errors where it failed to run inst_oes_preconfig and inst_oes_postconfig. Unsurprisingly OES 2015 did not install. I've checked y2log and it says these files could not be found. I have successfully registered the SUSE 11 SP3 machine and downloaded all updates. When I run Yast -> Add-on products, it lists "Novell Open Enterprise Server 2015 cd:///%2foes?devices=/dev/sr1,/dev/sr0" but just quits when I select this, presumably due to the earlier YAST errors about not finding the files.

Any suggestions on how to move forward from here? Given SUSE 11 appears to be running fine, I assume running on VMWare workstation is not in itself a problem, but some facet of how it did the install has caused this issue.

TIA, John