Hi Community,

We have an issue with SSPR - OSP - UserApp. We install the "pack" in a
Windows 2012 R2. We configure OAUTH for login between SSPR and OSP, and
everything is OK.
Now, we want to disable "Enable Setup Response" Options, but if we do
that, after authentication in OSP we get 5019 error from sspr (Service
not available).
After that, i checked the requests in authentication and i found that
user is redirected to check a command servlet with "checkall"
parameter, so it found that the user doesn't have his challenge response
and redirect him to the module that is disabled (and in that way we have
the issue).
So, my question is, there is a way to disable or change "command
servlet" parameter to put only "checkExpire". Where can i do it? we
don't change any jsp or html, all the setup is "Default". Except of
course modules in SSPR that i disabled (Enable setup response).

Thanks in advice.

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