Hi Preston,

I'm currently coding an application that synchronizes selected personal address book to a database (MySQL) for feeding into a PBX.

The customer still has GW 8.0.2 running on NetWare (!!). While developing I tried and tested my code against GW2014 (with my Pascal SOAP API).

Now the problem:

When I do a create cursor request with a view of 'all' on a personal addressbook contact I get an office Info like that:

<organization uid="54E7AB94.bond.SWL.104.1613372.1.3117.1@57">Fi rma</organization>

Doing the same on a GW 8.0.2 I don't get any organisation info. (Same on the organisation with the primary contact)

But the Datasynchronizer is able to read out that info from GroupWise with SOAP.

What is the trick ?

Thanks a lot