In my System Updates deployment, I have several workstations listed in the Pending column, with Update Assigned, but the workstations already have the named update and working fine. When I click on the computer link to take me to the properties of the device, it correctly shows the agent being current (11.3.2).

Having found a TID about running zman sua (GUID) (workstation) to clear these pending request, after having done that, I was surprised to find that I now have 0 Pending devices (though I should still have some that haven't yet been updated), and yet I'm not baselined. which I found to be similar to TID 7007766.

So now what? The Resolution/Workaround in the TID does not get me to baselined, though, I really *SHOULDN'T* be baselined because I do have a few workstation still not updated, which I can see from a "Non-current ZCM Agent version" Dynamic workstation group that I have.