We have been using unlimited mail boxes until now, but the last couple of years some new employees doesn’t understand the meaning of deleting mails, and their mail boxes are now 20-30 GB.

I know I can set a limit in Console One, and am thinking of 10 GB.

But what happens for the users with the huge mail boxes if I activate this limit?

And is it possible to set a general limit of 10 GB and a special limit of 20 GB for some users (me J )

We have also allowed unlimited message size, but recently a user sent a 4 GB avi as attachment to a mail!
So I think it’s time to set a limit here as well.
What message size do you recommend? 100 MB?
And is it possible to make exceptions for specific users and allow them to send larger files?

Jens Jakob Sørensen
Dansk Centralbibliotek, Flensburg

GW2012 on Win2003 – soon to be upgraded to GW2014 on Win2008