I'm running the AM4.0 SP1 Appliance.
We have our website (http://www.mbc.qld.edu.au) that is served by a
Proxy Service. However, we need to let the AM box also service
http://mbc.qld.edu.au (no 'www'). If I try and add this as a HTML
Rewriting/Additional DNS name, it will error when I try and access
http://mbc.qld.edu.au. I believe it might be related to the cookie path
(which is set to '.mbc.qld.edu.au') but I'm not certain. I have the
'Error on DNS mismatch' disabled.

I don't really want to build another (parallel) proxy for the non-www
address, as we have quite a few rules setup, and duplicating them
introduces the possibility of the rules getting out of sync with each
other (read 'human error').

Can anyone suggest some reading for me, or have any ideas?


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